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Commodity information:
Product Size: 55.5*55.5*55.5mm
Memo: The Weilong GTS2 continues along the same vein as the Weilong GTS, with a design that preserves key highlight features while simultaneously receiving optimizations and improvements. We made new adjustments to the coefficient of friction between the contact surfaces, and made the feel lighter and more fluid; we increased the incline on the edge pieces, creating a V-shape track, resulting in more stability compared to older products. The cube’s 55.5mm size gives it a more compact feel, more control, and allows you to break your competition records to your heart’s content!

V-shape track design
The V-shape track design passed from the Weilong, evolved with the Weilong GTS, and effectively resolved a common issue in 3x3s with oversized corner bases which led to deficient track systems that locked up when rotated at 45 degrees. This solution is combined with a secondary assistant track. The support from this secondary assistant track provides the cube with more stability, and prevents small lock ups when the puzzle is turned very quickly.

Upwardly adjusted center stalk design
If no limits are placed on the size of the center stalk of a cube, the cube becomes more deformable, creating several locking issues. Adjusting the center stalk upwards gives the cube more space in its internals for accommodating piece bases, increasing the cube’s overall stability! This also reduces the cube’s deformability and prevents corner twists.

Corner piece concavity
Due to the limitations on molding, typical 3x3 corner pieces will all have extraneous inclines, causing the corner to catch on the center while turning quickly or corner cutting. The concave corner piece design of the GTS completely avoids the likelihood of this issue from occurring while simultaneously increasing corner cutting and preventing popping. This also avoids the corner piece scraping against the center piece stickers. 

Separation between internals and contact surfaces
In the Weilong GTS2, any part that does not provide active support also does not contact other pieces, resulting in a light feel.

55.5mm compact size
The Weilong GTS2 has a size of 55.5mm, smaller than conventional cubes, more controllable, easier to hold and grip. This promotes better competition and practice results and speed!

Thinner, brighter stickers
The cube is stickered with imported stickers that are brighter and thinner. Solving with these stickers creates an experience closer to the cube’s original feel. Moreover, these stickers are more vivid and beautiful. 

Unique center cap column design
The unique circular tube design fits tightly and efficiently with the center piece’s sleeve. This design serves a dual purpose: tight-fitting center caps and a comfortable hand-feel.

Maximized round corner design
The maximized round corner design, along with the rounding and smoothing out of the internal contact points and edges result in the most comfortable hand-feel.

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